Carpet vs hardwood flooring

When it comes to flooring, there can be little doubt of the two most popular choices. Carpet and hardwood are the two most common floor surface coverings used in homes today. Characteristically, they each have a variety of factors that make them perfect in meeting a homeowner’s needs and existing harmoniously in specific environments.

To make an informed choice, it’s essential to comprehend the nature of each flooring choice. With the following information, a homeowner will be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge and choose wisely.

Carpeting's many virtues 

The pros list for carpeting is a long one. Let’s take a close look at the upside of carpeting as your chosen floor covering:

Carpeting is child-friendly – your children will be more comfortable playing on carpeting than they will on hardwood floors. And toddlers just learning to walk will appreciate the padding.
Carpet can deaden sound – hardwood floors tend to amplify sound. Noises will not be increased, nor will they be as likely to pass up and down between levels with carpeting.
There is a safety factor to consider – slipping on a hardwood floor can mean a painful injury. Slippage is less common on carpeting, and occasional falls are padded.
Carpet can be economical – routinely, hardwood flooring is more expensive than carpeting. Carpets may need to be replaced more often, but that allows vigilant shoppers more opportunities to hunt for bargains.
Physical comfort is offered in abundance – hardwood can be a little rough on your knees, ankles, and feet. Already comfortable carpeting can be made even more so with thicker padding.
A warm and soft sensation – since our earliest days of snuggling a teddy bear, many of us have enjoyed that warm and fuzzy feeling. Not only does carpet feel nice underneath our feet but, when compared to hardwood floors, it offers warmth and coziness.

Why choose hardwood

Hardwood, on the other hand, is also a good choice for a household floor covering. Here is a list of hardwood’s many virtues:

Ecologically friendly and natural – the materials used for hardwood floors can be renewed and replanted. Carpeting, however, is made from unnatural, limited resources.
Hardwood has a timeless appeal – no matter the latest trends and styles, hardwood flooring is always in fashion.
Versatility is a factor – experience the sheer drama of an exposed hardwood floor or soften it with an area rug or two; the choice is yours.
Refinishing is possible – if a hardwood floor starts to look a little worn, applying new stain or a finishing product can completely refresh and revitalize it.
Hardwood lasts a long time – if you treat it right, your hardwood floor will last for decades. With carpeting, however, a repeated replacement will be necessary.
Provides a surface that is “low allergy” – carpet grabs onto microorganisms and dust and holds on tight. Sweeping or wiping hardwood instantly rids the surface of harmful particles.
Hardwood cleans up almost effortlessly – with carpet; stains can settle in permanently. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to get carpeting truly clean. Hardwood is uncomplicated to maintain and wipes clean quickly and easily.
Luxury and prestige – Hardwood automatically demands respect! Many see it as luxurious and high-end.

Regardless of your choice – carpet or hardwood – be sure to purchase your flooring from a trustworthy, reputable dealer. 

If you still have questions, a knowledgeable and experienced salesperson should have all the additional answers you need